L'Arcboy (larcboy04) wrote in glay,

GLAY Screening in the US (UPDATED)


Hello GLAY fans! 
So it has been officially announced! There will be screenings of GLAY Stadium Live 2012 The Suite Room Movie Concert in the US at the following places:
Oct 12th - Big Cinemas Manhattan, New York - 8:30PM
Nov 16th - New People, San Francisco - 8:00PM
Nov 17th - The Downtown Independent, Los Angeles - 6:00PM
Tickets: TBA 
For more information, check out:


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well that's just awesome,thanks for sharing :D
No problem! :) will you be attending? Also, are there any other fan communities I can spread word too? Thank you! :)
The only other place I know is the No glay no life forum :

I hope that helps :3

&& yes, I live just a stone's throw from L.A. so I'll be attending there, but November seems so far away ;o;
I registered on the GLAY forum. Thank you!

If you have a Facebook, can you like the GLAY Street Team Fan Page? https://www.facebook.com/GlayUSStreetTeam I want to keep everyone up-to-date about these screenings in one place. Invite your friends who listens to GLAY as well! :)

November will come by really quick! :) It's already half way through August!!!
hey thanks for sharing! i'd so go to the LA viewing ^^
Fantastic! I will see you there! Also, do you know any other GLAY fan communities I can spread word to? Thanks!
Awesome!! Can't wait! =]
Since I am in Chicago, I--and several of my friends--would definitely be interested in a screening here.
Awesome, so Chicago is still in the works right now. Do you know if there are a good amount of fans in Chicago or near Chicago that would also go?

Also, would you kindly tell me what small theaters/small clubs that would house around ~150 seats? Thank you!! :)
I think the potential for a good turnout is high, especially if it was advertised in the right places! The Chicagoland Mitsuwa Marketplace, for instance. I'm pretty sure AnimeCentral (the largest anime con in the Midwest) would be willing to announce the event to its attendees, too... and there are a lot of j-pop/rock fans among them. And there are a few other people and organizations I could ask, as well.

As for locations, I'll definitely look into it and get back to you ASAP! :)
Are you on Skype right now by chance or Google+ or AIM? Let's try to make this happen! :D


5 years ago

I'd love it if it were in Boston, but would definitely try to get to the NYC showing.
seattle, wa would be nice too.
I'm not in any of the target areas, but I really hope this works out!