Jo (jiro_no_jojo17) wrote in glay,

Important Announcement to All Members

To keep up with the times, we moderators of the GLAY Livejournal community have decided to transfer the bulk of our activities to tumblr.  We love LJ dearly, but over the last year or so there has been less and less activity in the comm. Fortunately, most of our dear community members are also quite active on tumblr, and so we hope that all of you will continue to be a part of our community there.

We will still keep this community open for the time being.

Through tumblr we strive to expand our family and reach for, in the words of GLAY, “Global Communication.”

Please follow us on tumblr at

Members new and old are always welcome!


jiro_no_jojo17 (tumblr agepoyojojo) and maztherhacker (tumblr maztherhacker)

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